Friday, May 11, 2012

Glass Etching Samples

Hello!  Today I have some glass etching samples.  My neice is getting married in June and asked me to etch her champagne flutes.  She is using daisies in her wedding.  Here are some samples for her to pick from. 

This first one has an H from Storybook and a flower from George & Basic Shapes.

This H is from Calligraphy Collection with the same flower.  It's kind of hard to get good pictures of glass etching!

This H is from Billionaire, same flower

This H is from Storybook and the rose is from Disney Princess Happily Ever After. 

I need to move the design up about 1/2", but otherwise they came out pretty good.  I hope you like one of them Emily.  If not, I can keep etching all the way round 'em 'til we find something better! :)

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  1. Very pretty! I have not done glass etching. One of my Red Hat friends does a lot and is always giving us glasses! I love them!
    You did a great job!


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