Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Sheri Crafts #109

Hello!  It's time for another challenge at My Sheri Crafts.  I gotta tell ya, I struggled with what to do for this one!  Sandy Palmer hosted this one and challenged us to "show us what makes your Mom unique".  My Mom had LOTS of what I think of as unique traits and I didn't know what to focus on.  So I finally decided to use all I could think of.  Once I figured that out, I had a ton of trouble with a Cricut cut I wanted to use.  When I finally got it cut, I didn't like it after all.  Then I got out the brads for my flower cluster and dropped the whole box in the floor!  Now I don't know about you, but I had one of those divided craft boxes with 16 individual squares and all my brads, eyelets, etc. sorted by color and size.  What a mess!!!!!  I still don't have them all sorted again.  About 1/2 of them are still in a bowl.  Anyway, I did eventually get the layout done, but was late getting the picture posted for Sheri to get it into the blogpost!  Sorry Sheri! 

Just last weekend I met with my brothers and sister and we went through Mom and Dad's house to divide up things.  My Mom died in 1993 and Dad just passed away in February.  A couple of things I got were some of Mom's craft supplies, her jewelry box and her button box.  I remember so much time spent playing with her button box.  So the little lace rosette in the top right is topped with a button from her box.  The button on the bottom of the doilie is also from her box and it's off one of my Dad's work shirts. 
 As I said, I decided to use all the things I could think of and fit into the layout.  If you can't read them, I listed these things:

* was a pole vaulter in high school (this was a real shock to me as a teenager!)
*finished college with 6 kids at home ( I can't imagine doing this)
*was voted favorite elementary teacher by one of her classes when they graduated
*spent summers working up produce from a large garden and an orchard
*could sew anything, including my wedding dress (she was also a quilter and made one for all of us kids and had enough quilt tops made up that we made quilts for all the grandkids who came after she passed)
*could paint, crochet and had her own ceramic shop
*married the man of her dreams

Flowers and brads were all from my stash, the lace is from a DT sister.  This is really not my usual style, so I struggled with that, too.  I finally was pleased with the page, though, it just took me a long time to get there! 

So now you show us what your Mom is like with your card/project and join in the fun at My Sheri Crafts!


  1. Sarah, ok, you have me crying reading your post! Beautiful words for a beautiful layout! What a very special memory full of fabulous things on your layout! Simply gorgeous! :)

  2. Sarah,
    This is just a wonderful layout, one everyone will love to look at for years to come. Like the fact you hand wrote the text as it comes from the heart.
    Love all the embelishments you used, everyone means something.
    Thanks for sharing this with us all.

  3. Sarah, your tribute to your Mom is BEAUTIFUL and I know you and your family will treasure it for many years to come! Sorry you had such a struggle to complete it, but it was worth the lovely result!!!

  4. Sarah, the way you added those buttons from your Mom's stash and from your Dad's shirt made that layout so special. Somehow, you captured the togetherness that they shared. Your beautiful layout gave us a glimpse on how unique your Mom was. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

  5. Wow Sarah, your page is incredible!! I love the Vintage style and I love to scrapbook! Thanks so much for sharing the inspiration! HUGS :)

  6. Beautiful layout and such a wonderful loving tribute to your Mom. Love the buttons--how special to use them on the layout!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. Great layout! If you struggled with it, it sure doesn't show. What a beautiful tribute to your mom!


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