Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Craft Area Overhaul

Well, for the past few years I've had a small crafting area in my unfinished basement.  As I went along I would add a table here, a shelving unit there, etc, etc.  I got so cramped and stuffed that (at my husbands strong encouraging) I decided it was time to remodel my area.  I wouldn't normally show these embarrassing "before" pictures, but you kind of have to see them to appreciate the "after" pics.  So here they are:


What a mess, huh?  So we went to a local auction and I scored two white cabinets for $17.50!  That's not each, that's total!  And the clean out process began!


 Aren't these great for less than $20????   What a score!!  I've made labels for each door and drawer so I can find my stuff.

By moving a table I was able to move my Cricut down and more than double my workdesk area.
 I moved my sewing machine to the opposite side of this table and use the end of it to set up my paper cutting area.
 This old dresser (which I hope to eventually paint white) was my cutting area before.

It's still nothing fancy and it's still in an unfinished basement, but I love it!  It looks bigger, but actually doesn't take up any more space than I had before.  Things are spread out and I can actually work on more than one thing at a time! I still have a few adjustments to make (like that filebox on the floor is going to be emptied) and since I took these pictures, we found a small, white 3 drawer cabinet that's now under my workdesk area.  So I even have room to spare!  

Thanks for looking and letting me share!


  1. Nice do over! I like your white cabinets, that was quite a find. Wonderful work area.

  2. Wow that's really a nifty find those cabinets!!! Love how you have organized your space and that you have some actual room for all your stuff!

  3. Wow Sarah, awesome score on the cabinets and they organize all your crafty stuff and look wonderful too! GREAT redo, looks so organized, and a fun place to create:)

  4. Looks great! Great find on those cabinets.

  5. Wow Sarah, you have a lot of crafting supplies!!! A lot of room in your craft area too! Love your redo! I love those white cabinets! It all looks great, and I am sure it feels great as well! :)

  6. Hi, Sarah. I am your newest follower and hopped over from the TTDT blog. I like what you did with your crafting area. In NC, I have a huge room where I do wood crafts and paper crafting. In FL, I have a 5 x 7 area! I am trying to rework my space as well. Congrats on your project!

  7. What a great find on the cabinets! Such a spacious and organized craft area! Have fun with your crafting!
    Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

  8. Fantastic finds, Sarah, and I love how you re-created and organized. I'm still working on my space but promise I'll share some photos when finished. :-D

  9. WOW, Sarah, that was a GREAT find & even GREATER bargain! LOVE your re-do -- all sooo neat, organized and spacious!!! ENJOY!!!
    We keep talking of putting shelves into my closet, but other 'events'/things keep getting in they way! I have an entire 12 x 14-foot dedicated room, but after 20+ years of accumulating 'stuff' and using all the discards from the rest of the house, it's not 'pretty', but it 'works'!

  10. YIKES!!!!!! Fabulous make over and now so beautifully organized. LOVE the label system...I swear by it!
    Enjoy a very CREATIVE 2014 and I really appreciate you linking up so we can inspire others to GO FOR IT!!
    Creative Wishes
    Claire S

  11. Looks like a fabulous place to be creative! Love the cabinet score!!

  12. Wow, Sarah you have really been at work and it looks so fabulous. I think most of our craft rooms have come about with storage things that we found along the way. Thanks for sharing your craft room with us over at BTTB2.

  13. What a fabulous crafty area Sarah!!! The transformation is fantastic. You have a wonderful area to get crafty in. Thank you so very much for sharing your Crafty Space with us at BBTB2!!!! :)

  14. Wow what a score!!! And now what a fabulous organized space you have! I can say that I'm so jealous of your score, but so happy that you got those great cabinets for such a great price!! You go girl!! Thanks for joining us at BBTB2;-)

  15. You got a great deal. Nice craft area. I am in CA and we don't have basements, I am so jealous


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